Fethiye to Rhodes Ferry Day Trip


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    A fascinating Fethiye to Rhodes 2016 day trip by fast and comfortable hydrofoil from Fethiye harbor takes only 1.5 hours one way if you wonder Fethiye to Rhodes ferry how long it takes. Taking the Fethiye Rhodes day trip with ground transportation from Hisaronu and Oludeniz to Rhodes by ferry you can visit Greece and touch the multi-faceted culture and history of this country. Please visit One day in Rhodes for more information where to go and what not to miss on a Fethiye Rhodes ferry one day trip.
    Rhodes (Rodos) is the fourth largest Greek island that is located in the south – eastern part of the Aegean Sea. It is known as the “island of the knights”, “pearl of the Mediterranean”, “island of roses” and as the location of the famous Colossus of Rhodes that was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The island has been inhabited since Neolithic times and has appeared before the year 3000 BC. The immigrants from Crete established settlement on Rhodes around 1550 BC during the Mycenaean dominance in the Aegean Sea. The myth about founding of the island is very poetic. Rhodes came out of the sea due to the God of the sun – Helios. Fascinated by its beauty he was constantly flattering his favorite island by golden rays of sun blessing it and his every blessing turned into a rose. That’s why it has name “Island of Roses”.
    Please don’t forget to take your passport because you are travelling to another country and if you are not using cards then it would be sensible to bring some Euro’s.
    Once you got by ferry from Fethiye to Rhodes be sure to take the time to review the historical heritage of the island. Visit the popular tourist destination the mountain called Tsambika. The monastery with miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is located there. Do not forget also about Epta Piges that is translated as “seven springs”. This is a small nature park that is located near Archangelos where the amazing seven springs gush from the rocks.
    The Grandmaster’s Palace (built in VII century AD), the Street of Knights (by the way is one of the best preserved and most delightful medevial relics on ancient world), the famous Valley of Butterflies and the ancient city will attract romantic people – wonderful locations for a declaration of love or marriage proposals. Speaking about the Rhodes Castle, it is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as a historic monument of the island.
    As for the gastronomical highlights of Greece, we definitely recommend to try frozen Greek yoghurt, feta cheese that’s made from sheep/goat milk, locally brewed Mythos beer.
    Rhodes is a great place for shopping, especially for those who are interested in buying fur products so being in Fethiye do not miss the chance to travel by Fethiye to Rhodes ferry. Before the ride back from Rhodes to Fethiye please don’t forget about Duty Free shops. Fethiye is one of several towns that offers Turkey to Rhodes day trip,

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