Pamukkale – Hierapolis (Cotton Castle)


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    In our historically and naturally surprising land Turkey, PAMUKKALE ie COTTON CASTLE undoubtedly is one place a visitor should never miss when one can easily include it in his holiday memories with just a one day visit. After an early start from the resort we have breakfast on the way at a typical Turkish village. A scenic voyage over and down the Taurus chain of mountains with everchanging landscapes will take us to Cotton Castle.You’ll get a much deeper scope into hardcore alla turca Turkey along the way through agricultural areas with a much differnt climate.
    As we get to Cotton Castle you’ll agree that this natural wonder which was brought to being by the highly calciferous and minerally rich waters flowing over the cliffs really deserves its reputation. With the deposition of calcium-oxides in the warm therapeutic water the world white travertine terraces which are on UNESCO’s
    World Heritage List were formed within millions of years. With recurring geological activities Cotton Castle keeps renovating itself.
    You can paddle on the cascades, take your own photos to impress your friends, and of course as an exceptional option,you can enjoy and rejunevate yourself with a swim on top of the cliffs in the therapeutic and fertility giving waters of Cleopatra’s pools ( If you believe the myth! ). That special feeling ofbeing where God was at His Most Generous will never leave you. The antique spa-city HIERAPOLIS is there as well at arm’s length . Always a center of healing for more than 2300 years this antique town opens her arms to archaeology lovers with her temples, churches, Roman baths, antique tombs an done of the world’s best preserved theatres.

    Breakfast&lunch(Excluding drinks),Guiding service,Pamukkale and Hierapolis entrance,Insurance.

    Cleopatra pool.

    What you will need to bring
    Swimwear,beach stuff,Money for drinks and Cleopatra entrance.

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